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Our Day, Our Way

I am privileged to work with many couples to customize their wedding ceremonies. I remind couples that their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives and it should be filled with all things that have meaning to them, including the energy that surrounds them. Sometimes couples are torn by guilt and obligation to invite people who may not be affirming and supportive. Often family politics prevail, pressuring the happy couple to make difficult choices.  Sometimes the guest(s) also feels this pressure. 


When faced with these decisions, strive to balance your guest list with those people who do support you including friends. To avoid worry, call it up front, and consider talking with the uncomfortable guest(s), in advance of your wedding day to arrive at an understanding.  During the ceremony, I have witnessed that these guests, regardless of their convictions, feel the love and joy surrounding the couple, and they too, let their hearts participate in the moment.